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The student run initiatives of XIMB are integral to not only the institute, but also to a student's career and personal development . The Core Committees are responsible for different activities important to every MBA institute. Functional Committees, based on each function of MBA, host field related events and talks and take on independent consultancy projects for companies thereby giving students a chance to increase their understanding of these fields. Interest committees conduct events related to extra curricular activities so that students can pursue their interests develop a well rounded personality

Core Committees

International Relations Committee (IRC)

The International Relations Committee maintains partnerships with universities around the world and works towards exploring areas of collaboration with existing and prospective partners. It is responsible for facilitating the student exchange program with partner universities.

Career Advisory Services (Placement Committee)

The Career Advisory Services (CAS) of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar has been an integral part of the institute since its inception in 1987. An epitome of perfection, dedication and hard work, this committee works towards turning dreams into reality. The vision of the committee is to achieve the best possible placements for the institute.



lluminatiX, the Media and PR cell of XIMB, is instrumental in maintaining the media & public relations of XIMB, documentation support, designing and actively covering the activities of all the other student committees. Illuminatix works in close sync with the administration of XIMB to provide a smooth flow of information within the institute as well as handle the external linkages, which includes maintaining cordial relations with other premier B-Schools, the media and the corporates.

Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committee strives to sustain and nurture the relationship between the institute and its alumni. through events and develop a mutually beneficial association. The Annual Alumni Meet, organized across India, offers a platform for all XIMBians to come under one roof and relive old times.


Functional Committees

MAXIM- The Marketing Association of XIMB

XFin- The Finance Association of XIMB

XSYS- The Sytems Accociation of XIMB

XOPS- The Operations Association of XIMB

XIMAHR- The HR Association of XIMB

CONSTRAT- The Consulting and Strategy Club of XIMB

Interest Committees

Exemplar- The Competitions Committee of XIM 

LitSoc- The Literature Society

Speakup- The Oratory Club of XIM

Sportscom- The Sports Committee of XIM

SRC- The Social Responsibility Cell of XIM

X-lens- The Photography Club

CultComm- The Cultural Committee of XIM

X-Seed- The Entrepreneurship Cell of XIM

X-SteC- The Xpressions (Annual Business Festival) Steering Committee

XQuizzite- The Quizzing Association of XIM

X-Terra- The Sustainability Committee of XIM

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