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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why should I go on student exchange?


Academic Benefits

  • Learn a new language and improve your language skills

  • Study at some great universities

  • Learn exciting courses that are not offered in XIMB or even in India

  • Get the opportunity to look at your field of study through another perspective

Career Benefits

  • Develop a global network and transnational competencies

  • Find some excellent career opportunities abroad

  • Develop cultural awareness and sensitivity

  • Learn to be more accepting and adaptable

Personal Benefits

  • Make lifelong friends abroad

  • Travel to new places at subsidized rates for students

  • Become more aware and confident in dealing with situations head-on

2. What is the minimum grade requirement to be eligible for the exchange program?


A minimum of 5.5 on 10 is required to be eligible to apply.

3. How to get travel cards, Eurail passes and sim cards?


IRC will provide assistance in getting these in completing all the necessary formalities in collaboration with a travel agent.

4. When to book tickets?


In the month of July, latest by August.

5. What is the cost of the entire exchange program?


Cost depends on the individual spending, but usually ranges from 4.5 to 5* lakhs

6. What if the number of credits taken abroad are different from XIMB requirements?


The individual will have to make up for the difference in credits in the 4th or 6th trimester.

7. As most of the 5th term is spent abroad, will I miss placements?


You may miss out on a few initial companies. However, we try and make arrangements for the students to come back to college before Xuberance week. Some companies allow VC interviews.

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