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XIMB's exchange program offers a great opportunity to experience Indian culture in the "City of Temples'', travel across India and discover it's rich heritage,  new academic possibilities and a vibrant on campus student life with a plethora of activities. Not only do students have the option to study at one of the best Institutes in India, but also experience the rich history that Bhubaneswar has to offer


The exchange program in XIMB is for the moment a rich human and cultural adventure as I am learning each day a little more about Indian cultures, way of life, traditions and way of having fun. The two trips I was able to make, in Darjeeling/Gangtok and in Madurai/ Kerala were incredible experiences which let me see how diversified and plural India is.

Kaoutare Bakali

I'm really happy about my experience in India for now. And fortunately we're pretty free to travel. I felt closer to Indian culture on my trips than in Bhubaneswar because we have real contacts with a lot of people, food, shows, wildlife.... My trip in Kerala was the most beautiful I had in my life, and I can't wait for the coming one in Rajasthan. What really grabbed my attention is people generosity and patience, compared to France.

Armand Camille

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Orissa, Bhubaneswar and the campus are very nice places for an exchange student to be at because of the nice infrastructure and the overall quietness and I appreciate that very much. But the real added value of my stay in Bhubaneswar is the many occasions that we have to go and discover as much of India's culture and lifestyle as possible, hence the different travels. I am very grateful for this opportunity that I'm being given to have a taste of Incredible India and I can't wait to see more!

Desire Adrien

My trip here in India is very good. The Indian food is sometimes very spicy for our little mouth. And Indian culture is very rich and there are a lot of beautiful things to see like architecture and monuments. Also, car traffic is very different from France! IRC member are in general very cool and helpful

Cauvin Gildas

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