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The outgoing exchange is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn exciting courses not offered in India and travel abroad. Experiencing life as a student abroad can be an extremely enriching experience that will broaden your horizons. You get to meet new people, gain academic learning from a different perspective, and get immersed in a different culture.  Besides, wouldn't you want to add some international to your XIMB experience!


Being a huge Dan Brown fan, visiting Paris and Rome had been a dream. So, when the chance of going for student exchange program to France presented itself, I jumped on it. IRC was a big help while applying for exchange and all the documents requirements for the visa. The charm, beauty, architecture and food of these two cities made me fall in love with them.

Purva Kalra

IESEGMBA-HRM (Batch of 2015-17)

Until I landed in Amsterdam it did not hit me that I would not have my friends, people around me conversing in the same language or spicy Indian food. But in return I had some splendid moments and interactions. All the people I met and got the opportunity to talk to have either given me an interaction of a different taste or have become friends; all of which I miss now.

Sushma Medikonda

MBA-HRM (Batch of 2015-17)

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The exchange program, other than fulfilling my dream of travelling the world and ticking of places from my bucket list, has made me a braver, stronger, adaptable and a more accepting person.I have realised that nothing in this world comes to you without putting in effort. This trip as a whole has broadened my perspective of life and made me want to see more of the world.

Pooja Pradhan

MBA-HRM (Batch of 2015-17)

Being an exchange student is a challenging but rewarding experience during you will learn about yourself and have a lot of fun as well. I got immersed in the culture and history of Poland during my stay at Warsaw. SGH offered a variety of interesting courses from strategy to lifestyles. It was refreshing to learn and interact in a diverse classroom with students from all over the world.

MBA-BM (Batch of 2015-17)

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