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"Join us for a dynamic and insightful experience at the International Relations Committee events! Immerse yourself in discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities that delve into global affairs, diplomacy, and cross-cultural understanding. Engage with experts, diplomats, and fellow enthusiasts as we explore the ever-evolving landscape of international relations. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a curious student, these events provide a platform to deepen your knowledge and foster meaningful connections in the world of global affairs."


Why How What - 01/02/24

A briefing session on the essentials of the student exchange program, providing students with all the necessary information and guidance for a successful exchange experience..

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Pitch It Abroad - 20/1/24

"Pitch It Abroad" is the flagship event of IRC, XIMB. This is a case competition where students develop a business idea with a global impact.  idea, which will be the critical part. The technology part will act as an enabler for your proposed idea. 


Musafir -18-19/11/23

The Most Exciting Treasure hunt event held on XIMB campus. Embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with excitement, wonder, and memories. Embrace the spirit of Musafir and experience diverse cultures and countries, creating an experience that transcends borders.

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Session by
Prof Francis Petit- 29/11/23 

A session from Gabelli School of Business with over 300 students on developing the international executive of the future. This session provided valuable insights into the skills and competencies required in the global business landscape.


Session by Prof Henrich Brunke and Prof Robert Embrechts - 26/11/23

A session from University of Antwerp on Internationalisation and importance of foreign collaborations, providing students with a global perspective on education and business.

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